5 Articles You Have to Read About Digital Marketing During and After Corona

There is so much information out there regarding corona – including navigating this period for your business and other advice being offered –that it’s hard to know where to start, and who to listen to.

In general, it has been difficult to shut out the noise around the coronavirus; so much so that the World Health Organization has called it an “infodemic”.

We’ve combed the most authoritative sources to provide a curated list of marketing-related articles that we’re reading – and which we hope will provide value to you and your team as you navigate this period.

Purpose Is Everything: Deloitte’s 2020 Global Marketing Trends

Why we like it: Cutting through the noise and staying true to your brand and your message is challenging. Especially now with so much noise both externally and internally. This piece draws on Deloitte’s global network to bring key learnings and insights that are so critical at a time like this. If there’s one marketing study you read today, make it this one.

Key takeaway: A well articulated company “purpose” is a key success indicator. It articulates why an organization exists, what problems it is here to solve, and who it wants to be to each human it touches through its work.

Communicating Through The Coronavirus Crisis: Harvard Business Review

Why we like it: A big part of marketing is about messaging and communication, particularly coming from company leadership. Leaders often want to make it seem like they know exactly what to do when a crisis emerges. Coronavirus, this piece demonstrates, makes it clear that people value open and honest communication in leaders and look to them for leadership, not immediate solutions. 

Key takeaway: “When dealing with uncertainty, leaders need to look at communication from the perspective of their audience and have empathy for them rather than fear of doing the wrong thing.”

Is the COVID-19 Outbreak a Black Swan or the New Normal?: Sloan Review

Why we like it: There is a temptation to always plan and chart the path through a crisis. This piece demonstrates the margin of error for any predictive data in an outbreak of this magnitude and reminds companies to focus on the things they can control, not the things they can’t.

Key takeaway: Companies should be focusing on people, both internally and externally.

What The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means For Marketers: Neil Patel

Why we like it: Neil Patel knows digital marketing. This post is data driven in analyzing SEO and cost-per-click data since the coronavirus outbreak struck. This is a must-read for digital marketers looking to weather the coronavirus storm.  

Key takeaway: [In digital marketing] what I’ve learned from going through two crashes (the dotcom crash in 2000 and the real estate crash in 2008) is that the best time to double down is when others are not.

What the COVID-19 Crisis Means for Businesses: Kellogg Insight

Why we like it: This piece is a collection of coronavirus responses from some leading business experts and faculty at Kellogg. Especially in terms of marketing, creating a new strategy to fit the times is a necessity.

Key takeaway: “Doing nothing isn’t an option.”

Filtering Out The Noise

As we all know, marketing doesn’t stop when a crisis hits – it’s exactly at this time that marketing shifts into overdrive. It can become a near impossible task to find credible information, data, and opinions with all the white noise filling the internet. 

Watch this space for more credible, enriching marketing information to guide your business forward.

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