Case Studies

How we've helped companies succeed

From Fortune 500 organizations to small startups, we help companies grow. These are some of our client stories.

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A Global Telecommunications Company

0 - 120k followers

The company was relaunching all their social media platforms, and engaged 98 Marketing to plan and execute the launch.

Together with the company, we launched the new channels - including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - and planned incredible and engaging content that was consistent with the brand's goals. We interacted with users, posed questions, ran competitions, and constantly liaised with Head Office to hit goals and ensure ROI.

An International On-Demand Transport Company

A full content strategy from the ground up

This company was launching in new cities, and wanted a content strategy that would drive growth, position them correctly, and be a resource for customers and investors.

They engaged 98 Marketing to plan and execute their marketing strategy from the ground up. This included emails and email campaigns, all social media channels, and blogs of the highest standard. After an especially successful period, 98 Marketing were also tasked with responding to media requests.

An AI-based Life Insurance Company

Social channels that pop

This startup provides life insurance products over the web, and was founded by a team of some of the most technologically advanced developers along with seasoned entrepreneurs.

98 Marketing was tasked with managing their social channels, which until then looked amateurish and inconsistent. Not only did the company see an instant change in their social channels, but we began to register a number of incoming leads - both customers, and influencers who were excited by the brand.

A Global Shared Workspace Company

Leveraging content to differentiate

How do you position yourself as a leader in a market with some of the biggest names in the world? By differentiating yourself through exquisite, high-level content that sets you head and shoulders above the rest.

98 Marketing provides this organization with content - specifically blogs - that incorporates the latest in research, global trends and their own unique take to position the brand as the clear leaders in their space. They also work together to ensure the brand's social strategy ties in with their content plan.